The experience of art transcends the senses. The challenge for the artist is to translate what's observed into a visual language that delights the eye, satisfies the mind and engages the soul.

     Much of my work indulges the simple rugged beauty found in nature. Animated by the elements and saturated with the spirit of life the colours, shapes and textures signal Creation's constant state of change. Working en plein air provides a deluxe outdoor experience where all questions surrounding my subject are answered. Specimens, photographs and notes prepare me for more intensive studio work later on.

     My palette revolves periodically between oil paint, watercolour, pastels

or pen & ink allowing me the freedom to explore my subjects with a medium

best suited to capture the nuances I'm after. Every stroke is an intimate encounter with surface and detail, and every finished painting and drawing

a meditation expressing my gratitude and awe of the experience of life.

     Depleting resources, disappearing species and diminishing viability of land, air and water to sustain us requires we look beyond nature's mundane form and utility. Some believe there is a unifying force behind it, implying a deeper, more fundamental condition exists. A condition that could possibly hold remedies to our present dilemma. Perhaps now is a good time to pause and reflect on Earth. Acknowledge nature's vibrant colours, shimmering light and intriguing life forms captured by an artistic tableaux where Mother Nature asks, "Can you see me now?"

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16"x12" oil paint | #O-17 | SOLD