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     All artworks, images, photographs and written material used on this site are the intellectual property of the artist. Unauthorised use, reproduction

or display is strictly prohibited. Any distribution or redistribution of the

artworks or other material through any means, including but not limited to

electronic, print or video, is not permitted without prior written permission

from the artist. To obtain permission to use material from this web site,

please contact

     Member of CARCC (Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective

Inc.) For licensing information contact, website


     Please feel free to link to this website. When doing so, please link directly to the front page.


     Artist can be contacted at:


     Gallery contact: Paulette Greer,  SideStreet Gallery, 264 Main St., Wellington, Ontario. Telephone 613-399-5550 or e-mail

Click on image for larger version. To purchase artwork available on this site contact the artist at

or visit  SideStreet Gallery, 264 Main St., Wellington, Ontario

Gallery contact: Paulette Greer - 613-399-5550 -

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